Mr. Fkharzadh

Select a life insurance agent insurance agent in North America generally, and specifically with the serious, carefully considered, meticulously with professional and special Examinations and interviews with trade union representatives of insurance in each state is the science that is done, For example, after candidate As a representative of the insurer who studies the credibility and reputation of his financial records and then interviewed him for scientific research based on the principles of organizational psychology and business insurance agent is able to understand the character?, and if reasonably required thick books on his future work (property insurance, personal insurance, or both) and then read a detailed examination is carried out under the supervision of insurance companies and trade associations in that state and in New York state and passing only a California does not work and if you want to work in California should be the same as the above complex. starting with a representative first life insurance is working the very early stages under the supervision of a representative of the insurance Old (sales and Training) activities and reviewing the competence of the director proved his talent for the next few years will be upgraded. specific discipline and strict regulations on the insurance agent selling the relationships that form the insurer has been of custom and tradition America's long experience in the insurance industry and the insurance industry and protect the rights of insurance agents in the state it is in your heart. example, if the insurance agent commission life insurance life insurance if the discount, and the practice shaken the Relationsl Sales and mild humiliate himself and the archly competitive insurance market in America has made ​​him not only a representation of specialized judicial courts will be canceled, but he may take to jail time and!

In 1955, when the doctor's wife Fkharzadh for graduate (masters) come to New York Cornell University and subsequently worked for the state of Washington to be his Tba move to New York and have the doctoral study and face of the economic crisis of those years, and like so many others who have been laid off and go down to the employment office, according to his university studies he found work for him do not, and the employee and therefore to the insurance company insurance Introduces Metlife York visited and interviewed him and the interviewer have been accounts of negligence, simple and tasteful life thinking about doctoral study and to interview Mr. Fkharzadh not careful and continue the interview, he has confidence and perseverance. Let us not forget that in the field of management science have come to the conclusion that 50 percent and 50 percent of its inherent power to manage the acquired know. interview of Mr. Fkharzadh asks why you think you will be successful in the insurance business?, and he was confident Full respond that you book your training along with brochures about me and I promise that I will succeed! And the tome employee interviewer 5 of them and he succeed Fkharzadh exam, Mtrvpalytn However on insurer principles and to respect and protect the rights of representatives of professional training and experience with the doctor to have his life insurance only sold a small life insurance agent, collected (a week of the insurance premium 5 cents) representatives 47th Street and New York Life Insurance is old and just not let the other streets of New York and his work with the hard work of not only the premiums but also to the people who newlywed CollectionCycle or the possibility of had a baby Economic new had found it and actually offered to buy life insurance as a Slzmn (Marketing) Insurance Insurance agency will accept and then later allowed in different states of America and the progress achieved from a typical representative of the insurance Metlife Life Insurance Company from the sale of their senior management. somewhat later decides he Metlife Insurance Company (Vice President), companies that do not accept the scope of life insurance sales jobs, even before the company of the decision AIG He is the CEO of his company in Iran (Iran Insurance Company of America and International) who do not accept return and continue their life insurance sales to senior management. Fkharzadh various executive positions at several organizations and has been an Insurance Institute Awards It has many titles from his nearly 40 presentations around the world each year. Metlife Inc. All annual $ 200,000 cost of his office in New Jersey and in addition to paying a fee on the surfaces of He will explain the full health and retirement insurance have come to his retirement at age 65 that he paid 618/431 924/839/5 dollars in retirement savings dollars and that amount was too high and attract a While investment in life insurance of $ 114/206/11 this year, but he's not retiring his Fkharzadh and were willing to continue working after retirement age is now 25 years (65) still health and Morale is better and more successful working. Metlife Inc. for 65 years, knows that the other doctor Fkharzadh the retirement age and the age of those wishing to return to work after you accept it as their Internal Regulations adopted.

Life Insurance Metlife Insurance Company in various ways to promote the representatives of the other members once a year or twice a year at his own expense at the hotel's doctor Fkharzadh out of 5 stars Very Lax beautiful places in the world such as Hawaii a Nice and Monaco 4 to 5 days, inviting guests to relax and also have fun and experience exchange and training of new sales are.

Metlife Inc. for doctor Fkharzadh and good name and reputation, experience and knowledge and his mastery of pen and speech values ​​and the demands and problems of the issuance of the Life insurance policies with her ​​a great deal of flexibility his, and the rule The proof that he knows and has lectured around the lives of about 40 and boasts of his teaching and lectures between insurance companies for good publicity for the company that once welcomed.

Types of life insurance policies that they sell

The company sells a variety of life insurance Metlife is very high in recent years it has become more diverse., But what is certain is that in the name of savings and life insurance co life insurance benefits, insurance and savings has been known because been completely updated and is no longer maintained rarely used and instead sell Life Insurance Universal Life (life insurance universal life insurance, and investment =) the insured's interests in the world and the insurance is sold is updated Deposits with insurance, savings and investment, low-risk and high-risk types were combined and mixed income insurance is expected at the end of the insurance policy, the insurance cover the risk of death covering the events of the natural death, a disease of Disability insurance is.

Insurance commission in the first year and 50 percent next year, 11% at 3 years and 3% is the fifth year onwards.

Non-Life Insurance Universal life insurance (Whole Life) at Society of North America, which is highly expressed interest and belief in the insurance product that's Avlyst doctor Fkharzadh offer. In addition to the life insurance whole life insurance (Term Insurance) Life Insurance Company of North America is discussed in fees in the first year, 40 percent and 11 percent in the second quarter and 3 percent after five years.

Important note: The following comments are permanent life insurance resellers and statistics, sales / life insurance policies are controlled by them, especially since you do not go to an insurance policy against an insurance company, your insurance agent loss insurance and the national economy, naturally, the Meyer has passed on the basis of specific rules. including any representative, including life insurance up 10% of the portfolio's doctor Mehdi Fkharzadh they suffered in the past due premium (non-payment of premium) is permitted to be more than If the statistics of the deferred-life insurance is above 10% and the other is 30% higher than the 3% fee proceeds in that year, and if the stats are not outstanding premium is between 10 and 30 percent of the outstanding premium of the statistics The rate is 3 percent or less. naturally be larger if the seller of life insurance with premium whole life insurance policy for $ 28 million to invest the equivalent of $ 450,000 in deferred payments that remain the same for a wage insurance to Pradakht There is a 3% loss. policy, there is the incentive of having a successful life insurance agent life insurance The doctor Fkharzadh If you have a higher capital charge than 50 percent of their first year to 70% of the time is paid to the encouragement. paying The commission life insurance companies and other Met Life Insurance Company of America is not going to be at least over 100 years of experience behind it is basically Mahd design of insurance, life and evolution of the new Takvin in America, and Canada They found that experienced life insurance sales professionals work very hard Vfrvshndh if the artist wants to be compensated for his expenses already designed to be a vendor of life insurance should clothes Araste, car appropriate Ghashang Office , organizational and personnel trained and have mastered the business of every 10 people who are in excellent condition and 1 to 3 people may not buy insurance and the seller of insurance is the business may not be cost of the Insurance Life can be sold for 10 to 20 years or even a lifetime Kndta ready to give customer service so early in life insurance salesman who can get insurance fees should continue to work professionally and any manipulation The amount of the fee or reduce it at a very young market of life insurance Life insurance can Tydyl anti-development and management should not pay the commission life insurance in trial and error this managed life insurance, and vice versa walked born Rapysh take up this insurance is also in development and perfection.

I recall that if you charge a third party insurance, housing, fire and responsibilities multiply in the next 20 years, received fees during the period of insurance is more than 5 years fees.

How to Buy Life Insurance of America and Iran

Unfortunately in life there are a large variety of insurance products and insurance Universal Life (Life and investors) with different names, while the insurance is sold by insurance companies in North America are numerous variations in the number of them are Ashrh:

* Time Life Insurance: This insurance in America from $ 50,000 to several million dollars to 100 million dollars, even if the health insurance and medical examinations will be issued. These insurance people can buy newborn to age 70 and covers all risks Natural mortality associated with such events, and the complementary amendment permanent and total disability is insured. these insurance people who were poor or investors that their money elsewhere, but of course the risk the death of buy Mtqdnh after the start of the insurance, It is a simply convert it to whole life insurance or life insurance to investors. premiums in the early years of childhood and youth, cheap but highly Balamyrvd years old and one of the drawbacks of this is that the savings in insurance This insurance does not exist.

* Universal Life Insurance: In recent decades, interest has been raised in Iran, and for those who are concerned about the consequences of your feet are also to be able to paid their insurance premium too savings suitable For people age 70 and the child will be issued an insurance fund of $ 50,000 Tadhha million and $ 100 million, subject to health insurance, he checks the desired result, insurer premiums power and economic position she has.

* Life insurance: life insurance is popular in America and the largest insurance Mryst M. Fkharzadh Frvkhnh and sells a doctor. Their infants to age 85 if they buy health insurance coverage until the last minute, there is life. At the age insurer It does not sell insurance to anyone unless they first prove his health checks and, second, the insured must provide compelling reasons to buy it, including the tax and inheritance tax, particularly the precision and power is received. wealthy after his death some 50 percent of the value of your property to pay taxes and to maintain the economic standard of the family attempt to buy their insurance. course the insurance company's income and his economic situation as well as attention Annex Supplementary accident and health insurance until age 70, there are certain diseases and disability Tasn 65 years. compensation after the onset of disability, there is also a disability after 60 days or 90 days out from the start to get the hang of monthly premiums $ 2000 is paid to the insured.'s insurance is a good Andvtkhh has increased over time and that the annual premium for a lifetime and more Khasymsla premiums for 15 years and it is Next stop paying premiums and insurance benefits would continue to be free of charge. Ksal as a person 52 years of $ 18,700 as annual premium for 15 years and after 15 years, and if it takes loss Dlarandvkhth 337,631 It takes about $ 353,262 a year to $ 368,211 next year and 25 years after cessation of premiums (15 years earlier), the sum of $ 509,993, which is very useful for retirement benefits and similar benefits and savings in life insurance And there are no investors.

NOTE: The above insurance policies can be shared between a husband and wife, parent and child is a partner in a company's

M. Fkharzadh Mtrvpalyn doctor relationship with the insurance company (MetLife)

During the last 57 years (since 1955) has had a relationship with the doctor Mehdi Fkharzadh MetLife Insurance Company based on loyalty and mutual respect is the fact that it is an insurance agent, especially a life insurance salesman must start before The work is believed to three basic principles:

1 - to have faith. 2 - If the company believes. 3 - a product that sells insurance to be sure.

Doctor Fkharzadh steadily since the beginning of adolescence and have self belief and confidence in the last years of development, evolution and Barvrtr, he joined the insurance company MetLife work and confidence and the belief amazing boasts The company is defending, as well as his conviction that life insurance plans the company is confident that it not only sells the best Mhsvlyst the principle of the Low Bameye not a premium., but the insurance premiums as a pocket money Does the other pocket. MetLife Insurance Company except that the second pocket he (life insurance reserves) as well as a larger and larger monitors and swallowing saving the life and death of the insured for him to be useful. life insurance agent Jobs also believes that the best jobs Noble, the world is useful, because the insurance consultant to the life and death of the insured will be beneficial for him and his family and they are well supported and his faith in life insurance products in all states, motions, and life insurance plans offered and presented him with the thousands of times it has defined for its customers is obvious. interesting to know when the new insurer to meet the new leaves and wants to introduce life insurance plans, life insurance explained after thousands of times recently with great interest and will repeat the same definitions Btvzykh listener feels that hears them for the first time.

The MetLife Insurance Company and product loyalty doctor Fkharzadh the last 57 years should be considered and informative. Doubt in all these years, many insurance companies in America have been trying to attract him because her self-work for an insurance company to honor and publicize the insurance company Insurance Agents attract more new customers honor his ties to the insurance company, but he has and the loyalty of been with the company's insurance faith and allegiance MetLife a him, but it certainly did not happen overnight credit, insurance type, and level of service to policyholders of MetLife Insurance and respect him, support him and MetLife is an insurance company that is related to at least protecting the The company paid more than $ 200,000 in his office, which is a lie, it's the insurance company's continuous improvement ideas, experiences, lessons, technical information, articles and speeches, he has welcomed and. Relationsl doctor M. Fkharzadh staff very respectful and with insurer MetLife Thanked wit is permanent, so each employee's insurance company, even at the lowest organizational position and joy come to see him happy, because he always tried to has had a good deal to them Khvshkhal., he believes that the insurance company will never succeed without a professional sales organization became still believes that without professional life insurance agent services, insurance services and employee efforts to achieve success does not have a deep belief that respectful relationship should be a two-way

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